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Shift kit
Shift Barrel Kit
Price: $140.00

The Shift kit is the lightest all alloy barrel available today. it also uses an expansion of the highly successful MacDev porting for quiet operation.

The kit includes an autcocker threaded back, 14" tip, and 4 bores (0.681, 0.685, 0.689, 0.693).
Shift insert kit
Shift Insert Kit
Price: $99.00

If you have a MacDev marker that comes with a Shift barrel, this kit is for you. The kit contains the extra inserts to expand your Shift barrel out to the full kit.
Included in the kit:
0.681 Insert
0.685 Insert
0.689 Insert
0.693 Insert
Shift soft case
Shift insert
Shift Insert
Price: $30.00

Buy your Shift barrel inserts serperately, if you only need one size, it is available here.
Matching your paint size to your barrel is important, ensure that you have the size you need before you get to the field.
(Please note: 0.681 size is shown, other sizes are very similar, with a different size indicated by laser engraving)