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MDTRS13   "RockStar" comfort t-shirt
MDTSW13   "Swoosh" comfort t-shirt
C6MBOARD   C6 main board
C6MPAD-WHITE   C6 membrane pad set
C6MPAD-BLACK   C6 membrane pad set (black)
C6BTIP   C6 soft bolt tip
DGB   Clone Gold Bolt
GTVASA   Clone GT Venting ASA
GTVASAK   Clone GT Venting ASA Knob
GTBOLT   Clone GT/GTi bolt
GTDW   Clone GT/GTi drive wheel
CLONEGTI-CAM-AQ   Clone GTi Aqua Camo
CLONEGTI-BK   Clone GTi Black
CLONEGTI-BKLM   Clone GTi Black/Lime
CLONEGTI-BLRD   Clone GTi Blue/Red (Russian Legion)
CLONEGTI-BRCH   Clone GTi Brown/Champagne
ORGTI   Clone GTi full o-ring kit
CLONEGTI-GDSL   Clone GTi Gold/Silver
CLONEGTI-CAM-GR   Clone GTi Jungle Camo
CLONEGTI-CAM-OR   Clone GTi Orange Camo
CLONEGTI-PK   Clone GTi Pink
CLONEGTI-CAM-PU   Clone GTi Purple Camo
CLONEGTI-CAM-RD   Clone GTi Red Camo
CLONEGTI-RDGD   Clone GTi Red/Gold
CLONEGTI-SIAQ   Clone GTi Silver/Aqua
MANUALGTI   Clone GTi Users Manual
CLSK   Clone seal kit
CLVXDUK   Clone VX Drive Upgrade Kit
CSSV06   Clone/Droid/Cyborg Solenoid
C6-AQUSIL   Cyborg 6 Aqua/Silver
C6BADGE   Cyborg 6 badge set
C6-BLK   Cyborg 6 Black
C6-RL   Cyborg 6 Blue/Red
C6BUMP   Cyborg 6 bumpstop
C6CBOARD   Cyborg 6 connector board
C6CSEAL   Cyborg 6 cupseal
C6DBOARD   Cyborg 6 display board
C6EYE   Cyborg 6 eyes
C6-GLDSIL   Cyborg 6 Gold/Silver
C6-GRNBLK   Cyborg 6 Green/Black
C6-GRYBLU   Cyborg 6 Grey/Blue
ORC6   Cyborg 6 o-ring kit
C6-REDBLK   Cyborg 6 Red/Black
C6RIBBON   Cyborg 6 ribbon
C6RS-AQUA   Cyborg 6 Rubber Set - Aqua
C6RS-PURPLE   Cyborg 6 Rubber Set - Purple
C6RS-RED   Cyborg 6 Rubber Set - Red
C6RS-WHITE   Cyborg 6 Rubber Set - White
C6SK   Cyborg 6 screw kit
C6TBOARD   Cyborg 6 sensor board
C6-SIL   Cyborg 6 Silver
C6SOL   Cyborg 6 solenoid
CSPP   Cyborg pullpin
CRXHAM   Cyborg RX hammer
CSCB   Droid Board
DSBKEG   Droid Bolt Keg
CDPH   Droid Power Harness
DSPT   Droid powertube
DSH   Droid Switch Harness
DRVLV3   Droid Valve
DRONEDXCAM   Drone DX Camo Edition
ORDX   Drone DX full o-ring kit
DDXGB   Drone DX Gold Bolt
DXSOL   Drone DX Solenoid Valve
DRONEDXMIL2   Drone DX with Militia 2.0 laser engraving
DXWRAP   Drone DX wrap around grip
DSTOCK   Drone Tactical Stock
MDDB   Dust bomb
TDDXD   DX Drive (for Tactical Drone)
DXCOVER   DX eye cover set
DXKEG   DX keg
DXMPAD   DX Membrane Pad Set
DXSUB   DX subplate
DXSUBCAP   DX subplate cap
DXVAL   DX valve
DXVC   DX valve cap
ESUNIV   Eye set (universal)
CRXGB   Gold bolt for Cyborg RX
GTBC   GT bolt cap
GTDCAP   GT drive cap
GTGFIL   GT inline regulator filter
GTGPIS   GT inline regulator piston
GTGSPR   GT inline regulator spring
GTPP   GT pullpin
GTPPD   GT pullpin detent
GTPPSPR   GT pullpin spring (5 pack)
GTSOL   GT solenoid
GTSUBA   GT subplate A
GTSUBB   GT subplate B
CWAG   GTi Clone Wrap
GTIOLED   GTi display module
GTIBOARD   GTi main board and display
GTIPH   GTi power harness
GTISH   GTi sensor harness
GTITB   GTi sensor module
GTIVAL   GTi valve
VXGADJ   Inline regulator adjuster assembly
ORM10   M10 O-ring (10 pack)
ORM15   M15 O-ring (10 pack)
ORM17   M17 O-ring (10 pack)
ORM2   M2 O-ring (10 pack)
ORM3   M3 O-ring (10 pack)
ORM4   M4 O-ring (10 pack)
ORM6   M6 O-ring (10 pack)
ORM7   M7 O-ring (10 pack)
ORM9   M9 O-ring (10 pack)
OR9.5-1.5   M9.5-1.5 o-ring (10 pack)
MDSWAB   MacDev Barrel Swab
MDTCB   MacDev Crest T Brown
MDJ10   MacDev Jersey
MDHOOD-LOGO-CH   MacDev Logo Hoodie - Charcoal
MDFCML   MacDev M logo cap
MDHOOD-PG-BLK   MacDev Playground Hoodie - Black
MDTM12   MacDev Tech Mat
MDML30   Militia Lube (large tube - 30mL)
MDML10   Militia Lube (small tube - 10mL)
OR10   Number 10 o-ring (10 pack)
OR11   Number 11 O-ring (10 pack)
OR110   Number 110 O-ring (10 pack)
OR12   Number 12 o-ring (10 pack)
OR14   Number 14 O-ring (10 pack)
OR16   Number 16 O-ring (10 pack)
OR17   Number 17 O-ring (10 pack)
OR18   Number 18 O-ring (10 pack)
OR20   Number 20 O-ring (10 pack)
OR5   Number 5 O-ring (10 pack)
OR7-90   Number 7 O-ring (10 pack)
OR8   Number 8 O-ring (10 pack)
PF-EL   Pushfit elbow
PF-ST   Pushfit straight
MDREL   Regulator Extender
VXGCAP   Replacement cap for VX inline regulator
VXGFIL   Replacement filter for VX inline regulator
VXHOSE   Replacement hose for inline regulator
VXGOR   Replacement o-ring retainer for VX inline regulator
VXGPIS   Replacement piston for VX inline regulator
VXGSPR   Replacement spring for VX inline regulator
B5-3-16   Screw B5-3-16 (6 pack)
B7-1-4   Screw B7-1-4 (5 pack)
C3-1-2   Screw C3-1-2 (4 pack)
C3-1-4   Screw C3-1-4 (4 pack)
C4-1-8   Screw C4-1-8 (5 pack)
C7-5-16   Screw C7-5-16 (5 pack)
C8-5-16   Screw C8-5-16 (2 pack)
P2-10   Screw P2-10 (5 pack)
S2KAC   Shift 2 Barrel Kit - Black
S2KAC-S   Shift 2 Barrel Kit - Silver
SKAC   Shift Barrel Kit
SBI   Shift Insert
SIK   Shift Insert Kit
S2BG-AQUA   Shift2 barrel grip - aqua
S2BG-BLACK   Shift2 barrel grip - black
S2BG-PURPLE   Shift2 barrel grip - purple
S2BG-RED   Shift2 barrel grip - red
S2BG-WHITE   Shift2 barrel grip - white
S2I677   Shift2 Insert 677
S2I681   Shift2 Insert 681
S2I689   Shift2 Insert 689
TDFRS   Tactical Drone full rail shroud
TDHRS   Tactical Drone half rail shroud
VXASAB   Venting ASA bar (5 pack)
VXASAR   Venting ASA o-ring retainer
VXASAP   Venting ASA pin (5 pack)
VXDETENT10   VX Detent 10 pack
VXFTAS   VX feed tube adjuster (5 pack)
VXFTA   VX Feed Tube Assembly
VXFTLA   VX feed tube lever assembly
VXFTM   VX feed tube mounting screw (5pack)
VXFTP   VX feed tube pin (5 pack)
VXGSEAT   VX inline regulator seat
VXTRPBEA   VX trigger pin and bearing set
VXTRSCR   VX trigger screw set
VXTRSPR   VX trigger spring (5 pack)

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